About Us

Welcome to LangLink Games,

your ultimate ally in the realms of technology and gaming. Since our inception in 2016, we’ve embarked on a quest to deliver unparalleled solutions that cater to your every gaming need.

Within the halls of LangLink Games, a fellowship of brilliant talents, battle-hardened veterans, and skilled professionals await.

We’re not just translators; we’re adventurers who wield your products with passion and prowess. Envision yourself careening through the streets of GTAV, evading authorities, or leading your armies to conquer new frontiers in Crusader Kings Ⅲ and Stellaris—all made possible through our expert localization. As the orchestrators behind captivating keynotes from luminaries like Mark Zuckerberg and Jensen Wong, we’ve honed our linguistic skills to perfection.

LangLink Games

Our headquarters in Japan, along with our operational centers in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Suzhou, Chengdu China, and the United Kingdom, establish a network of power-ups, ensuring seamless support worldwide.

With our ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system, we guarantee deliverables of extraordinary standards. The sanctity of your information is fortified by our ISO 27001 certified information security management system, offering impregnable protection and reliability.

Join us on this epic odyssey and experience the LangLink Games difference as we unite languages and forge global expansion.

LangLink Games, Where languages link games and players

Our Vision

To be a reputed and respected company in the industry and an organization of an elite team with Creation, Efficiency and Quality.

All of our clients, our employees, and our partners can benefit from the presence of LangLink.

Our Mission

Help business go global and navigate the global marketplace with confidence.

Help people live an easy life and enjoy lives.

Make a difference to the industry and the world.

Pay back to the society and help people who are in need.

Our Philosophy​

We believe the reason why we need to ensure quality is not that we are afraid of being penalized for unqualified work, but our inner need to fulfil ourselves – we feel guilty and uneasy for our own underachievement. 
So, our Talent Community Specialist only selects the candidates who have this inner need to take our test and join us if he/she passes the test. 
In this way, we ensure our team is consisted of right people who want to fulfil themselves and pursue excellence.

We believe we must develop and maintain right process to make sure our right people do right things and do things right, and everything is organized and on the track.

We believe we need technical means to help us keep our work efficient, measureable and safe.

We believe success can be reproduced only if we have right People + Process Technical.

Why we focus on the game industry and creative assets​

We are harcore gamers, we love the industry and it’s amazing to see our translation during gameplay. We love creative translation and we love localizing culture, not just words. We believe focus brings efficiency and quality.

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