LangLink Game LQA process

LangLink Gaming LQA process

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As a professional and experienced gaming localization company, we have established a standard gaming LQA program. Our gaming LQA consists of 7 steps which cover different scopes and is used to ensure our localized quality, providing the most comprehensive gaming localization experience.

LangLink LQA (Localization Quality Assurance) process in games typically follows the following steps:

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  1. Familiarization: The LQA team starts by gaining a basic understanding of the game, including its core content, storyline, gameplay mechanics, and target audience. This involves reading game documents, watching game demos, and participating in discussions.
  2. Translation and localization resource Preparation: Before testing can begin, the LQA team waits for the translation team to complete the translation and localization of game texts. This includes translating dialogues, menus, tutorials, subtitles, etc., and adapting them to the target language and culture.
  3. Test Planning: The LQA team creates a detailed test plan based on the game’s characteristics and requirements. The plan includes the testing scope, objectives, methods, and tools. This helps ensure comprehensive and consistent testing.
  4. Testing: The LQA team performs tests according to the test plan. They test various aspects of the game, including text, menus, user interface, gameplay, etc., to ensure translation accuracy, grammatical correctness, formatting consistency, and cultural adaptation.
  5. Defect logging and reporting: If any issues are identified during testing, the LQA team logs these issues and creates defect reports. These reports describe the nature, location, and suggested fixes for the problems and are sent to the translation and development teams.
  6. Fixing and regression: The development and translation teams address the reported issues and provide the fixed version to the LQA team. The LQA team retests the fixes to ensure the problems have been resolved.
  7. Final confirmation and validation: Once the LQA team confirms the resolution of the reported issues and that the game’s localization quality meets the expected standards, they perform final confirmation and validation and prepare the final report.

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